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Please reblog this if you think this is WRONG of anyone to make and post

A dumbass group on facebook decided to post this and laugh about it afterward. A friend of mine, who I’m extremely disappointed in, shared this picture. 

Now I’m not very religious but if you believe in Jesus then you should know that according to how christianity views him, he loves everyone. No matter how they look, act, or do. 

I’m not familiar with the reason this child looks the way she does, but she is BEAUTIFUL. She is loved. She does not deserve to be the subject of any joke. (This isn’t even a joke though! This is terribly hurtful and makes me want to shove whoever made this against a wall and hit them in the face until my hand breaks.) 

I looked at their page further and saw a few more about a similar if not the same child: 

So what I’m proposing to you is to go to the page and click “Report page.” 

Then click “Hate speech” and select “Targets people with disability or disease.” 

Or, really, anything on that window, as any option works. These sickos do it all. 

Maybe if we all do it it can get some shit done. Please spread this and help me out. This is incredibly wrong and in no way okay for anyone to do. 

((Jerks :T))

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    This picture upsets me but I forgive them anyways. Love the people, hate the sin. Jesus still loves you guys(:
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